The Journey

Impressionism, the Subjective Abstract Image

I have traveled from the detail and clarity of my photography to an expression of the world around me through the use of movement. Emphasizing tonal harmonies and an exploration in color, my images are dependent upon painting with the light captured during exposure.
The subjective factors of this light painting, utilizing color and tone, allow me to evoke an expression of movement, which goes beyond the literal rendition of the subject matter. I like to find the balance between the subject and the emotion that it evokes.
The balance of colors and movement may trigger your own emotional responses and lead you to find renditions of your own.
I encourage you to take a journey of your own visual experience when viewing my images.


Portfolio images in this gallery are available for sale. Release is limited to 5 prints only within this edition, with 1 Artist Proof. Please contact Harvey for specific information.